Finding a middle school where the teachers care about my child’s learning

Back in 2022, Tiffany Fleming was a satisfied parent. Her two children - Makell (4th grade) and Deliah (5th grade) - attended Rocketship Public Schools. They enjoyed school, had lots of friends, and were making academic gains.

There was one problem – Rocketship only went to 5th grade. She needed to find a middle school for Deliah and Makell.

Tiffany had heard of Digital Pioneers Academy. She lives in the neighborhood so the school is an easy walk from her house. But aside from the location, she knew nothing about it. Tiffany attended an open house, where she got to tour the building, meet the teachers, and ask questions of the leadership. What sold her on the school was learning about DPA’s mission and its focus on technology.

Tiffany was thrilled that DPA has robotics, computer science, and a rich array of other extracurricular activities. Even as an elementary student, her son Makell was already thinking about a career in technology.

Transitions are difficult for young people, but it helped that nearly a dozen of her daughter Deliah’s friends from Rocketship, including her best friend, also went to DPA. Deliah is now thriving at the school, and last year she was selected as Scholar of the Year for her 6th grade class.

Tiffany attributes her children’s success at DPA to the relationships teachers form with students and families. They are always available. Parents can call them with a question, day or night, and they get back to the parent and work with them to solve any problems.

Last year, Deliah formed a special bond with Ms. Hudzick. Even though Deliah    is no longer in her class, Ms. Hudzick still greets her every morning. Part of          Deliah’s daily morning routine is a one-on-one chat with Ms. Hudzick that    usually ends with a pep talk.

“Today’s going to be a great day.”

“We’re not going to let anything get in our way today.”

Ms. Hudzick’s pep talks help Deliah start the day strong and stay motivated.

Makell is an honor roll student, and he also adores his teachers, especially          Ms. Martino. When Teacher Appreciation Week came around a few weeks            ago, both Makell and Deliah chose to give their teachers a rose and a card.

As Tiffany reflects on her experiences at Rocketship and DPA, she realizes the schools have a lot in common. Both schools have teachers who are a hundred percent committed to ensuring students are excited to learn and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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