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A conversation with literacy interventionist Mojoko Esu: Working in a community that believes in educating ALL students

Mojoko Esu is a literacy interventionist at Digital Pioneers Academy. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Howard…

Finding a middle school where the teachers care about my child’s learning

Back in 2022, Tiffany Fleming was a satisfied parent. Her two children attended Rocketship Public Schools. They enjoyed school, had lots of friends, and were…

The Road to Academic Success Begins with Staff and Student Emotional Health

Here at DPA, a public middle and high school in Southeast DC, the founding team is always challenging each other to think bolder and bigger. …

A conversation with Chemistry teacher Grace Kato: Growing as a Teacher and Leader

We recently sat down to talk to DPA chemistry teacher Grace Kato. A self-described “introvert”, she talks about how DPA helped her grow as a…

A conversation with 10th-grade English teacher Josh Roe: Growing as a Teacher and Leader.

We recently sat down to talk to 10th-grade English teacher leader Josh Roe. Last year, his scholars’ growth on the state test was 3 times…

Supporting the Emotional Health of Young People in Southeast DC

DPA CEO Mashea Ashton delivers testimony on youth violence to the DC Council.

Hooking Students on Computer Science

This summer we launched a pilot program with iRobot to teach students the fundamentals of robotics.

My Reflections on Being Named to the Virginia Board of Education

Mashea Ashton: “I am humbled to share that I was sworn in on August 23rd to serve on Virginia’s Board of Education.”

A VIP Day For Students at a Commanders' Pre-Season Practice

At a simple practice in August, the Washington Commanders made two dozen DPA varsity football teammates feel like they were VIPs.

In Memory of Jaylin Osborne

Mashea Ashton: It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the death of Jaylin Osborne, a member of our 8th grade.

Diversity in the Tech Sector Starts in K-12 Classrooms

This month, 71 10th graders at Digital Pioneers Academy, a middle and high school I lead in Southeast DC, took the AP Computer Science Principles…

Gratitude to the Players Coalition for $100,000 Grant

Huge gratitude to the Players Coalition and Super Bowl champion Kyle Arrington for announcing a $100,000 grant to help us launch our first football program…

Launching Our First High School Football Team in Southeast DC

I began my career in education as a teacher in southeast DC and a former college athlete, and yet I never fully appreciated the profound…

My School Doesn't Just Talk about Valuing Staff with Children–It Actually Supports Them

Some teachers don’t pay attention to their school’s health insurance benefits until they get sick, their retirement package until they are preparing to retire, and,…

How College Athletics Prepares You for Teaching

As a former Division-1 athlete, I appreciate team sports as a training ground for the essential skills needed to actually succeed in the real world:…

In Memory of Keenan Anderson

We are deeply saddened by the death of Mr. Keenan Anderson, a 10th grade English teacher at Digital Pioneers Academy. Keenan’s passing occurred while he…

Learning Computer Science by Doing

Katie still recalls the moment at Digital Pioneers Academy when something clicked for her and she was like “Oh my God. I’m coding!” With no…

Computer Science for All Means All

The idea of “computer science for all” sounds daunting at first. In 2020, only 423 high school students in Washington DC took the AP Computer…

Talent is Equally Distributed; Opportunity is Not

Computer science education is the ticket to opportunity in the 21st century. If we want more black billionaires who innovate, create, solve complex problems and…

My Sister and I Failed Kindergarten

"My sister and I failed kindergarten."  That’s how I began my keynote address in front of 300 education and tech leaders leaders on September 21…

Student Culture Begins with Adult Culture

If you know anything about me, you know I believe that student culture begins with adult culture.

How We Have Achieved High Teacher Retention

There is no job more important than teaching, but it’s a job that has become increasingly difficult.


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