In Memory of Keenan Anderson

Keenan Anderson teaches students in his classroom at Digital Pioneers Academy.Please click here to donate in support of Keenan's funeral and memorial service costs.

We are deeply saddened by the death of Mr. Keenan Anderson, a 10th grade English teacher at Digital Pioneers Academy. Keenan’s passing occurred while he was home visiting family in Los Angeles, California over winter break.

The details of his death are as disturbing as they are tragic. He suffered cardiac arrest after being forcibly restrained and repeatedly tased by police following a traffic accident. Keenan is the third person killed by the Los Angeles Police Department in 2023, and we’re 12 days into the new year.

Keenan is the third member of our school community to fall victim to violence in the past 65 days. Two of our high school students - fourteen-year-old Antione Manning and fifteen-year-old Jakhi Snider - died during separate incidents of gun violence this fall.

Our community is grieving. But we’re also angry. Angry that, once again, a known, loved, and respected member of our community is no longer with us. Angry that another talented, beautiful black soul is gone too soon.

Keenan was a deeply committed educator and father of a six-year-old son. He had over eight years of experience as a teacher and leader. In less than six months at Digital Pioneers Academy, he established strong relationships with scholars and staff. He was beloved by all.

I have been in close contact with Keenan’s family. We are committed to supporting his family and working together to honor Keenan’s memory.

Our school community will inevitably ask some really important questions in the days and weeks ahead: How could the police have de-escalated this situation? How are we going to stop losing our black boys and men to violence? How do we grieve and move forward as a community?

We all deserve answers to these questions. Keenan’s family deserves justice. And our students deserve to live, to live without fear, and to have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

For now, I ask that you join me in keeping the Anderson family and the Digital Pioneers Academy community in your thoughts and prayers at this incredibly difficult time.

Mashea AshtonKeenan Anderson teaches students in his classroom at Digital Pioneers Academy.

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