My Reflections on Being Named to the Virginia Board of Education

I am humbled to share that I was sworn in on August 23rd to serve on Virginia’s Board of Education.

I have always believed strongly in public service and am honored to give back to the state where I reside. Ever since the news was made public, my friends, family, and colleagues have reached out with questions so I figured I’d answer them publicly in this post.

Q: Will this impact your role at DPA?

A: While I am thrilled to serve as a volunteer on the Board of Education, my priority remains my day job as Founder and CEO of Digital Pioneers Academy in Southeast DC. I remain committed as ever to the students, families, and educators at DPA.

Q: What exactly does the Virginia Board of Education do? 

A: This appointment is a great opportunity for a quick civics lesson. Most K-12 public education policies are determined at the state level, not the federal level. It’s the responsibility of the Board of Education to set policies and guidelines to ensure laws are put into place in areas such as learning standards and high school graduation requirements.

Q: What’s your vision for the State Board? 

A: As the leader of a public charter school in DC, I am intimately familiar with the challenges students are facing today, but I still have more to learn and better understand about education in Virginia. I will spend my first months listening and learning from Virginia educators and my new colleagues on the Virginia Board of Education.

I hope to serve as a voice for ensuring all students, particularly those who have been traditionally underserved, have access to rigorous curriculum and high-quality instruction. And, of course, I’ll continue to be a cheerleader for the power and importance of all middle and high school students having access to computer science to prepare them for success in the modern economy.

I’m excited to get to know my fellow Board members and get to work serving the students of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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